TALENTBANQ invited to programme the Caffe Nero stage at The Cornbury Festival

Published: 09 Jun, 2022

TALENTBANQ invited to programme the Caffe Nero stage at The Cornbury Festival.

It’s known by many that our Chairman – Pablo Ettinger is Head of Music at Caffe Nero.

What is perhaps lesser known is the incredible support that Caffe Nero gives to independent musicians. This includes in-store playlists, live-sets at Heathrow Terminal 2 and sponsorship of a truly wonderful stage at The Cornbury Music Festival.

When the festival organisers shared that 2022 was “The Last Hurrah” we knew that the lineup had to be special.

And so from July 8th to 10th we are incredibly proud to present:

The Round Up | Gina Larner | Rebekah Fitch | Dan Owen | Brooke Law | Ru | Isabella Coulstock | Logan J Parker | Hope Winter | Jenny Colquitt | Tom Seals | Morganway | The Molotovs | Danny Starr | Memorial | Say Anise | Abi Farrell | Hollie Rogers | Kat Eaton | The Dunwells | Chris Difford | Migdalia’s Jazz Club

You may also see the name Ivory Pablo & The Blue Notes.

And that’s our very own Pablo Ettinger, who opens each morning with boogie-woogie jazz piano and a smile that shows just how much he loves every moment at Cornbury.

If you want to join us grab one of the few remaining tickets here.

And if you do head to this beautiful corner of Oxfordshire, please come say hello.

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