We Love Working at Tileyard

Published: 24 Nov, 2022

TALENTBANQ has been based at the music business hub, Tileyard, since 2018. It really has proven to be a perfect location.

We enjoy the vibe – hanging out at The Vinyl Cafe or now having an early evening beer at Campfire with Two Tribes (yes Tileyard has its own brewery!).

There’s always a load of industry types hanging around – and quite often famous faces – but everyone chills and just says ‘hi’. It’s cool.

One highlight for us has been the amazing relationship we have formed with Tileyard Education.

Every year we get to meet the new intake of Masters Degree students – and of course we create gigs together.

This year is no exception with two dates for 2023 already in the pipeline.

The first (pictured above) sees student Anna Aarons bringing her Amy Winehouse tribute to our Camden Chapel venue on February 9th.

Our next collaboration is even more ambitious.

Again at The Camden Chapel we are hosting a complete Tileyard Takeover!

On May 4th this year’s students will run the whole show.

They will undertake all of the design and marketing as well as programming the talent on stage and looking after all technical aspects of the night.

Details to be announced shortly – all being worked on by:
Tayah Ettienne
Indigo Marshall
Tarju Le’Sano
Liza Lo

On reflection this is what Tileyard is about.

It’s a community.

And it’s a community we love.

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