The Molotovs join the TALENTBANQ Roster

Published: 27 Jul, 2022

Meet left to right: Ice (Drums), Issey (Bass) and Mat (Guitar).

All three on vocals.

Together known as The Molotovs.

And in our view the best teenage rock band in the UK.

They’ve been on our radar for some time but after a BLISTERING set on the Caffe Nero Stage at The Cornbury Music Festival we just had to invite them to join.

When performing live they are a tsunami of energy – mixing classic rock tracks with outstanding originals that prove The Molotovs are in it for the long haul.

Left to Right: Ice, Mat, and Issey, fresh off the Caffè Nero Stage at Cornbury Festival.

We’ve already had them out on the road – but we want every one of our followers to get the chance to see them live so we are now pleased to announce the full line up for our 5th Anniversary Celebrations. 

October 13th 2022

Main Stage at 229
Joe Slater Band
The Molotovs

(Not necessarily in that order!)

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