TALENTBANQ turns 5 today | Announces £1 Million target for 2023

Published: 13 Oct, 2022

Target £1 Million
TALENTBANQ was founded on this day in 2017

In the past 5 years we have sought to support the grassroots music scene in London.

We’ve run over 3,000 live gigs, operated our own intimate venue, The Camden Chapel, and built a roster of world-class rising talent.

Most significantly we have paid out over £800,000 to independent musicians and technicians.

All this despite strong headwinds and periods where we simply could not operate during The Global Pandemic.

Now we have renewed focus and energy – and look forward to that landmark moment where we will have paid out over £1,000,000 to independent artists.

Huge thanks to all who have been on this incredible journey: our founders, shareholders and wonderful staff (past and present), our artists, our audiences and the clients that have invited us to bring music to their homes and venues.

Please stay with us as we can’t achieve Target £1 Million without you.

We look forward to saying 1 Million Thank Yous!

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