Sophie de Quay named Caffè Nero Artist of the Month | January

Published: 06 Jan, 2024

Congratulations to Sophie de Quay for being named Caffè Nero’s Artist of the Month this January.

Sophie de Quay is a voice and words that touch and heal the soul. She is a humanist pen that denounces injustice, which takes to the 4 corners of the Earth, which speaks of love, the beauty of the world and its madness. A world that Sophie travels since childhood.

Born in Switzerland, she grew up in Singapore and then in New York where she took her first steps on stage, studied Sinology and graduated from the Hotel School in Geneva, graduated from ATLA, a music school in Paris and learned to speak and sing in Mandarin in Shanghai. She has explored 42 countries, including 15 through her music, a medium she uses to build bridges between cultures and generations.

Sophie de Quay is a voice and words that touch and heal the soul.

In February 2016, Sophie’s life changed when she connected with musician Simon Jaccard, known as “octopus man” for his multi-instrumentalist talents. Simon, with a rich background collaborating with renowned artists, collaborated with Sophie after their first concert. This marked the start of their international journey, performing in Lebanon, New York, Asia, and China post-COVID.

Their album Y and EP Soleil intérieur opened doors, leading to collaborations with Patrick Bruel and Cali, as well as performances with I Muvrini, Gjon’s tears, and Amir in 2024.

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