Tasha Tarusøva joins the TALENTBANQ Roster

Tasha Tarusøva is a Ukrainian rock musician, singer and songwriter. In early 2022, Tasha was living in Kyiv and building a successful music career singing in Russian with the hugely exciting prospect of supporting The Killers in the summer. Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Tasha’s career, and whole life, was turned upside down. Tasha … Continued

Uche BW joins the TALENTBANQ Roster

A born and bred London, Uche BW is multi-disciplinary musician and artist. As a skilled songwriter, singer, pianist and drummer he has developed a unique sound combining memorable vocal hooks and at times skilful raps together. As a versatile artist he’s able to surprise you at any moment.  During the pandemic Uche was able to … Continued

New Talent Tuesdays at The Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel at Marble Arch is introducing New Talent Tuesdays. An opportunity for rising independent artists to showcase their own music. TALENTBANQ has been invited to curate and host three Tuesdays in February – and we have very good news for those that would like to attend. The Hard Rock Cafe will generously … Continued

Kyi joins our Original Artist Roster

A proud ‘falcon soprano’, Kyi draws from a huge pool of influences, combining elements of her classical training with modern soul, pop and jazz.  Alongside virtuoso guitarist Umar, this fresh, dynamic duo bringing a fusion of soaring vocals and intricate guitar details create an atmosphere you can’t help but dance along to. Kyi has worked … Continued

Swamp Stomp String Band join our Original Artist Roster

The Swamp Stomp String Band are not just another hillbilly-wannabe, country band… Sure, there are twangy banjos, driving guitars, a honky-tonk piano, and a thudding double bass but these propel everything from drinking songs that will have the room stomping their feet and raising their flagons of cider, to ballads that will break even the … Continued

Live Music Comes to a Secluded Speakeasy in Sloane Place

Join us for an unforgettable evening of live music hosted every week in The Hideaway at Sloane Place. Discover The Hideaway at Sloane Place – a modern speakeasy; a secluded and intimate bar perfect for an evening hidden away from the world.  Descend down the stairs in Sloane Place to uncover the space where cocktails flow, delicious … Continued

TALENTBANQ welcome Kiara Chettri to our Original Artist Roster

One of India’s youngest Grammy Submitted artist’s is a 19 year old high school graduate, Kiara Chettri.  She has also made history as the first ever/youngest Indian solo artist to hit top spots (No.1 & no.2) on global radio charts with her single Why, which is the track that got her a Grammy Submission.  Soon … Continued

TALENTBANQ welcome Coming Up Roses to our Original Artist Roster

Hailing from the island nation of Singapore, London-based alternative rock band Coming Up Roses forge a sound that is distinctively familiar – yet you can’t quite put your finger on. Led by singer-bassist Emily Sera, the group has emerged as one of the most promising acts out of Southeast Asia owing to their dynamic live … Continued

TALENTBANQ welcome Isabel Inkcap to our Original Artist Roster

22-year-old Isabel Inkcap‘s sound has been influenced as much by following dad around England’s folk clubs as a kid as it has by Aurora, Hayley Heynderickx, Big Thief, Aldous Harding & Laura Marling. A stunning vocal matched by her strong songwriting and knowledge of melody. Isabel sings and plays guitar and banjo. She is joined … Continued

TALENTBANQ welcomes A&R Intern Luke Saunders

Luke is a 4th year Music Business student from Glasgow. He is joining TALENTBANQ for a work-study placement.   Luke has been tasked with researching the London grassroots music scene with particular reference to discovering exceptional talent. He already has experience in artist management and event promotion via his course.  In his free time Luke can … Continued

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