New single from Georgia & The Vintage Youth

Published: 29 Jan, 2021


“ When the gigs done, and the lights are faded I’m all alone, the silence on its way. I’m falling, but in the morning, I hope I’ll be fine ”

A song about artist mental health – Handling the Highs and Lows

Georgia & The Vintage Youth 

Georgia has not let the lockdown get in the way of releasing new music. Momentum was on her side.

In 2019 she took to the road with her retro pop band – The Vintage Youth – playing to thousands on a 50-date support tour, including a finale performance at The Royal Albert Hall.

In 2020, Georgia recorded and released her EP – “Overthinker”.

The sound is fresh with immediate youthful appeal, yet echoes the vocal rawness of Janis Joplin, the energy of Marc Bolan and a nod to Amy Winehouse.

After a blistering EP launch party at Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney touring was brought to a sudden end by Covid.

Like many musicians, lockdown has been tough for Georgia but with 5 track releases and regular live-streams her fanbase continues to grow. The EP has already gathered more than 250,000 Spotify streams.

The final track ‘Colour Blind’ is released on January 29th.

It tells a deeply personal story of handling the highs and lows that live performance brings – with an interesting parallel drawn with the emotions felt by Marilyn Monroe.

In Georgia’s own words:

“Colour Blind is a ballad about coming to terms with and addressing my own mental health.

I started this song from the end and worked backwards. I began with writing the final chorus, I had the melody in mind, and I knew that I wanted that to be the biggest part of the song, like a release after bottling up so many thoughts and feelings. “My mouth says fine, but my eyes don’t lie. I don’t wanna die, just tired of feeling colour blind.” This chorus is a huge hint, encouraging people to check up on loved ones and notice what their eyes are saying as opposed to just the words they speak.

I wanted the first half of the song to have a lullaby vibe so that it would feel dream-like, to contrast with the very honest lyrics. The song then heads for the bridge with sharp horn stabs and some darker lyrics to feel like the dream is turning into a nightmare.

Colour Blind is about not feeling happy or sad, it’s about feeling nothing and it’s quite difficult to write about nothingness. I likened a lot of my feelings to concepts like black and white films, grey skies and the loneliness you can feel when a gig is over – “I’ve always liked films in monochrome but living life in black and white is dull.” The song is about acknowledging that you’re not really ok but then brushing it off so that nobody notices. Not addressing or talking about your struggles, which is quite damaging. The first verse ends with, “I know I’ll be fine”, the second, “I’m sure I’ll be fine”, the third, “I hope I’ll be fine.”

When it came to production, I wanted to include a speech in the instrumental. I found an interview with Marilyn Monroe from the 60’s where she touches on her own mental health, but nobody really hears her. She says, “I’m not just generally happy, if I’m generally anything then I guess I’m generally miserable,” which to me sounds like a cry for help, but everybody just laughs if off. I thought that that just completely sums up the song perfectly, looking for the deeper meaning.’

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