Brass Volcanoes in a New Orleans Jazz Night

Published: 10 May, 2023

Brass Volcanoes in a New Orleans Jazz Night


The Brass Volcanoes are inspired by the New Orleans brass band tradition of soaring trumpets, booming bass and high-octane performances.

Sousaphone player Graham Hughes formed the Brass Volcanoes in 2007, and from the outset the focus was on spontaneity, energy, interaction and joy.  

He has collected together a group of leading jazz musicians who can respond to what each other plays in the moment and infuse the songs with the magic of the moment!

The Brass Volcanoes’ repertoire is drawn from classic New Orleans songs, as well as numbers composed by members of the band and songs taken from other genres.  With vocals from the band, backing riffs created in the moment and improvised solos, each song is given its own personal twist.

“You are all such talented, wonderful musicians individually in your own rights, but the chemistry was fantastic. It felt like we had experienced something very special and unique. The playfulness and sense of enjoyment and fun was contagious” – Helen Cundy, (Arts Centre Director, Ashcroft Arts Centre)

“You can’t have a bad day with music like that!” – Sheona Alexander


Date And Time

13.09.2023 | 19:00

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