ARION (Molly Chinner) | Live at the Camden Chapel

Published: 27 Jul, 2022

ARION (Molly Chinner) | Live at the Camden Chapel


ARION (Molly Chinner) LIVE at The Camden Chapel | An acoustic ‘listening’ music venue operated by TALENTBANQ

ARION MUSIC (Molly Anne Chinner) is pleased to welcome you to the peaceful Camden Chapel for an immersive and experiential sound journeying experience through the five elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether. 

You will be guided through the sonic unravellings of shamanic drum, planetary gong, alchemy crystal singing bowls, guitar, flute, angelic vocals and peaceful ambient sounds to ignite the senses and awaken the heart. This experience is less of a formal concert offering and more a ceremonial healing circle. Please bring along with you the intention to be in sacred space for the time you are present and allow these sounds to heal the mind, body and spirit. 


ARION (Molly Anne Chinner) is a sound healing artist, musician and producer based in London, UK. After going through a spiritual awakening in 2018, she was led onto a path of self-discovery and transformation, aligning to her true soul purpose. She discovered her soul name ARION (melodious) in 2022 during an Akashic Records journey and now shares music under that title. 

Molly has had a lifelong relationship with music and live performance, which lead her to touring successfully with folk band Molly and the Moon in 2018/19. Over the last 3 years she has been weaving her beloved crystal bowls into a more ambient sound and has been intuitively guided to use her voice as a healing tool – channeling the language of light to those who listen. Now in 2022, as we are in the midst of a profound awakening on our planet, she has been guided to share this new, healing sound with the world. 

Molly uniquely combines her affinity with music plus her soulful connection with spirit and the earth to share deeply emotive and otherworldly sounds to take the listener deeper within, evoking a deep response in the heart. 


Molly will be offering live sounds and improvisations from her debut release – Songs of the Earth: Light Transmissions

Accompanying her will be Peter Bosher on Flute, and Tom Bosher on Piano. 

A sumptuous blend of ambient sounds, psychedelia and soulful vocals to transport the listener to another plane of consciousness – this long anticipated new venture for the London based sound healer was released into the world on 22/07/22 and births the first of a series of ‘Light Transmissions’ – channelled and free form vocals and sounds offered to bring in the frequency of light.

Recorded, composed and produced in Molly’s home studio in North London, this collection of tracks is the result of much change and re-development for the upcoming artist over the course of the 2019 pandemic.

There are 5 tracks in the collection, each one holding a unique energy and vibration of one of the five elements of Earth. An cosmic ode to our beautiful planet, each of these original tracks contains light codes and celestial melodies to activate the soul and awaken the heart.

The full release will be available to purchase on CD after the concert. 

Doors at 19.00

Tickets on sale now!


Date And Time

15.09.2022 | 19:00




Live at the Camden Chapel

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