Stone Jets


About Stone Jets

Take actual feel good music and wrap it in some rhythmic soul, together with meaning and sincerity
at its core. Without a doubt, Stone Jets is the where it is at if not the next big thing.
Given Nkanyane and Manfred Klose better known as Stone Jets have been slowly crafting their
distinct yet familiar sound. Gaining fans where ever the musical journey has taken them; London,
Berlin, Madrid or Czech, Stone Jets maintains appeal and they are poised to take the industry by surprise.

Given sings with the conviction similar to that of a soul seeking redemption for being sentenced to
living on earth, far away from home. The magic weaved by Manfred’s guitar musings offer the
diligent listener and party-goer alike, a chance to dip ones toes in waters of joy, comfort and realness.
Originally born and bred in South Africa; the band was formed in Cape Town, one can easily imagine
the obstacles that were overcome by the band to be found at this very point in their careers. Hard
work, resilience, endless tours and enduring commitment to the goal of being global citizens who can
and will share their journey and music sans borders and the chronic profiling fad that seems to cripple
any upcoming artist/band in its/their wake.

Stone Jets have supported, Stelth Ulvang (of The Lumineers) during his tour of South Africa in 2016,
opened the stage for the late great South Africa Jazz trumpet legend, Mr Hugh Masekela and most
recently, James Morrison on his debut tour of South Africa in 2019. From grassroots to massive
capacity venues, local and national festivals, Stone Jets has unmatched experience and sweat equity to

The basis of Stone Jets’ music is honesty and sincerity. Let not the pop sensibility dilute the content
and strength of what the band has to offer. Next time you hear the name Stone Jets, be sure to pay
attention, you might just get more than you bargained for and then some...