Saara Kaldma


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About Saara Kaldma

London based singer-songwriter Saara Kaldma is known for pouring her heart's biggest battles into groovy, and occasionally, soul wrenching songs.

Growing up in Estonia, Saara has been immersed in music for as long as she can remember. With her first solo performance at the age of 3, music spread through Saara’s soul like wildfire and has been an inseparable part of her identity ever since. Despite the classical environment she started in, Saara's vocals were always R&B, soul and jazz driven.

As she began to write her own music, Saara realised the joy in experimenting with the colourful toolbox her diverse background had created. Her multifaceted style draws influences from soul, disco, funk, R&B and jazz, combining them with her love of poetry and an upbringing amongst the Nordic choral and folk music.

Career highlights:
Having lived in London for only a few years, Saara has had the opportunity to perform her original music, as well as backing vocals for various artists at several renowned venues across London, such as the Islington Assembly Hall, the Jazz Cafe, Bush Hall, the Half Moon in Putney, and most recently, Ronnie Scott's.