Little Feet


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About Little Feet

Little Feet is a London-based uplifting female-fronted soul, pop and rock duo/trio. Formed in 2020 by friends Emily, Adrien and Brian, who had been playing together on their own original projects for years, Little Feet began as primarily a busking band, but it wasn't long before they started receiving requests to perform at events and weddings throughout the country. Their set up is lead vocals, backing vocals, guitar & cajon as standard (duo), with the option to add lead guitar as an extra (trio).

From Aretha Franklin to Taylor Swift, Little Feet's repertoire is overflowing with joyful songs from the past 60 years, meaning guests of all ages will delight in their performance. The group bring much-loved songs to life with warm harmonies and a cheerful stage-presence. Suited to both a relaxed, lounge style or a more up-tempo set guaranteed to get people up and dancing.