Lady Petrol


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About Lady Petrol

So. You know those films where there’s a bar with a ridiculously cool band playing, grooving without a care in the world, usually there’s a peachy lead singer and a couple of guys who can tear up a mean solo, and the set list is songs you may have heard-but never like this before-because these cats don’t believe in copying the record?

Well, Lady Petrol have watched quite a few of those scenes- and bring the same level of chilled but soulful old school musical values to wherever they play.

Fronted by Ohio born, London resident songbird Meg Cavanaugh on vocals/rhythm guitar, and propelled by veteran multi keys player William South on Rhodes and bass synth. Add to the mix Israeli beats wizard Juba Wexler on drums, and noted London Americana guitarist Graham Farnworth adding smoking hot licks- Lady Petrol are that bar band you thought had gone out of business.

Individually the band brings a lot of experience and history, heavy on the accolades, with BAFTA composing nominations, top twenty jazz hits stateside, and touring and recording round the globe with a raft of different top artists- David Byrne to Tom Jones, All Saints , Larry Heard and Matt Bianco to name just a few. They’ve all known each other for many years and played or recorded together or separately in various different combos – having initially met up being in the house band Walk of Terror for the Punch Drunk immersive theatre smash The Drowned Man. Now, with Lady Petrol, they've decided to get serious about bringing these grooves to you.

So if you think your bar is lacking a certain something musical.....or your party needs a fluid unit who can take requests and come right back atcha with a groove you weren’t expecting-and never quite realised you needed so bad.....get in touch.