Kiara Chettri


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About Kiara Chettri

One of India’s youngest Grammy Submitted artist’s is a 20year old high school graduate Kiara Chettri, who recently also made history as the first ever/youngest Indian solo artist to hit top spots (No.1 & No.2) on global radio charts with her single 'Why', the track that also got her a Grammy Submission.

Soon after her big win on the global radio arena, Kiara Chettri brought a parade of happy thoughts and contrasting emotions, in her single 'Falling' an up-tempo bluesy pop track about falling out of love.
She released another single ‘What We Could Be’ June of 2022 which portrays all the teen angst surrounding the subject of love
and feelings.

Kiara Chettri made her debut with a full length album titled '4 am' that won the teenager significant praise and acknowledgement for her talent as a young singer-songwriter. After moving to London for music university, she released her latest single ‘Cold’. The somber yet dreamy song dabbles with complicated feelings of estranged lovers as she explores a brand new soundscape of dreamy pop.

One of her biggest achievements was getting the opportunity to be part of the Hershey’s Chocolate women’s day campaign this year where she got to be on Hershey’s chocolate bars sold all across Asia.

Aside from all this, Kiara has been working on more projects and has a bunch of gigs lined up as well around London.