Dylan Holloway

Soul-drenched alternative singer/songwriter



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About Dylan Holloway

Dylan was once described by a music journalist as having the ‘curious charisma of David Bowie’ - and it’s easy to see why. Give the guy a guitar, listen to his stories and you’ll feel as though you’ve known him for years - that’s the charisma. Zoning back into the bar and reminding yourself, despite the intimacy, you’ve never actually met? - that’s the curiosity.

With his enchanting ability to turn raw feelings to songs and his soul-drenched voice and sound, this alternative singer/songwriter will certainly move you. If you can imagine a dark, beat-up stage in the corner of a London pub, with half a horn section joining for the chorus and a few backing singers thrown in for good company, all topped with a voice and a song that feels like home, you can hear Dylan’s familiar, alluring yet humble sound - music for the people.

Endorsed by Radio 1’s BBC Introducing, his simple yet powerful words and melodies are currently striking chords with people all over the globe. Growing up listening to folk, soul, jukebox rock’n’roll and classic story tellers like Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac and Carole King all inspired Dylan to start writing music of his own. He began writing songs on a guitar gifted to him by his Dad, which he taught himself to play as a kid in his hometown by the seaside in Cornwall. Perhaps the early influence of the US artists, then moving to London alone as a teen, is what gives Dylan’s music a hint of both rural, honest and blue Americana as well as remaining quintessentially British - think contemporary soul kings and queens like Paolo Nutini and Amy Winehouse.

Freedom, rebellion and heartache, themes in both his music and his reality, Dylan’s life hasn’t been without troubles. From tales of love lost, dealings with addiction as well as navigating the world as a transgender guy, Dylan has a lot to say - it’s just always beautifully said in song form. He writes without boundaries, without fear and with endless empathy, so much so that you’ll wonder whether he’s writing about the thoughts hidden in your own secret journal.

“Writing music is just how I speak to people” explains Holloway, who performs with a whole universe of weathered emotions. There is a real depth to Dylan’s music, for which he attributes his ‘Pisces Moon’ (a zodiac placement) which may be better understood when recalling other songwriters with Pisces in their zodiac; Kurt Cobain, George Harrison and Nina Simone, all of whom wrote with an ethereal introspection, which always inadvertently touched the hearts of thousands of people.

Whether you’re listening to Dylan reimagine a Motown classic while sipping a bottle of beer in a dive bar, or watching him swoon his own audience with an original love song in a sold-out London venue, you’re guaranteed to feel it - whatever ‘it’ is, he’s really got it.