Ruddock’s Om

Up and coming, 9-piece, Dub Fusion collective


About Ruddock’s Om

Ruddock’s Om are an up and coming, 9-piece, Dub Fusion collective who have come together to explore new and exciting means of expression through their music. Taking their name from, and paying homage to, the person widely regarded as the father of Dub, Osbourne “King Tubby” Ruddock.

Founded in early 2018 the band have been developing and refining their original material which crosses the boundaries of genres to create a musical journey, unique to each listener, rich in heavy bassline rhythms, and soaring melodies.

Notable Gigs:
Ruddock’s Om have played a number of local venues In Brighton, including the largest independent venue Concorde II.
In Summer 2019, they played one of the UK’s longest running Reggae festivals “One Love”.