JJ Rosa

Her infectious, goosebump inflicting pop tinted melodies intertwine beautifully with her deep and honest lyrics



About JJ Rosa

JJ Rosa; a stunning singer, songwriter and musician with phenomenal musical prowess. JJ not only possesses a wonderfully evocative voice but has many critical guitar fingers trembling in awe! Her guitar wizardry is exhilarating and eye-watering; she can weave colourful patterns and summon biblical electricity; assuage stress and heartache with the merest lick of her guitar…

Rosa’s songwriting paints something special and timeless. Her infectious, goosebump inflicting pop tinted melodies intertwine beautifully with her deep and honest lyrics; the relatable ones that get hairs standing up on the back of your neck!

For Rosa though, song-writing is just the start of it… Her groove heavy beats wouldn't be misplaced in that of a Hip-hop or Rnb album and her hooky guitar riffs jump from clean and mellow to raw and cutting in mere seconds! Behind closed doors however, JJ is much like a mad professor jumping from and to nearly all aspects of a recording and production session; Rosa also co-produces all of her work. Often you’ll see her gracing her guitar shredded fingers on a slightly more graceful instrument too, the piano. JJ trained classically to grade 8 as a child and writes a lot of her material on the old ivories too! All of these ingredients provide the perfect foundation to what JJ already brings us naturally, her voice!

When it comes down to it however she is her own woman and not someone who hangs to the coattails of her idols and heroes. That voice is a soulful and captivating bird in itself. Influenced by the '70s and '80s Soul greats JJ she was brought up listening to as a child, it was inevitable that JJ would take influence…

A devotee of the Fender Stratocaster (JJ is an ambassador for the brand) JJ has such a bond with the instrument, fueled by her love of Jimi Hendrix, another childhood influence.

There are so few musicians that are as ambitious as JJ and have such a pedigree and potential. With the critics raving and the public already hooked, it will not be too long until the Manchester-born artist is one of the hottest names in music…